Steffen Groß

Published 25 days ago
Data processing by US cloud providers in Europe is possible under data protection law

New developments in the assessment of data protection law based on the resolution of 31.01.2023 of the Independent Data Protection Authorities of Germany "DSK" (Datenschutzkonferenz).

Natascha Gaden

Published a month ago
GDPR and ChatGPT

Complying with GDPR requirements when using ChatGPT

Steven Bressner

Published 2 months ago
Empowering Sales to deal with GDPR Questions

Part 1 of the Series: Removing Data Protection as a Blocker from your B2B-SaaS Sales Process

Steven Bressner

Published 4 months ago
GDPR and integrations in your B2B-SaaS platform

How to deal with integrations in your product from a data protection standpoint.

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