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We offer a wide range of services in the areas of data protection, information security and artificial intelligence.

Customized solutions

Data Protection

As a specialized data protection law firm, we offer tailor-made solutions for meeting the data protection and compliance requirements that apply to you. Our experienced team will support you in implementing all data protection requirements and ensure that your processes comply with the GDPR and other relevant data protection regulations.

External data protection officer (DPO)

As an external data protection officer, we perform the necessary tasks in accordance with Article 39 GDPR. This includes advising management and employees, monitoring compliance with data protection regulations and conducting data protection impact assessments (DPIA). We also act as an interface to the responsible supervisory authority.

Data protection management system (DPMS)

We provide support in the design, implementation and further development of data protection management systems (DPMS), considering common standards such as ISO/IEC 27701 and ISO/IEC 27001. If required, we integrate the DPMS into existing management systems such as an ISMS, QMS or CMS. A DSMS includes the implementation of the mandatory data protection processes, e.g. for governance, record of processing activities (ROPA), training and awareness of employees, handling of data subject rights, handling of data protection incidents, conducting risk analyses and data protection impact assessments, developing deletion concepts and specifying technical and organizational measures.

Data protection and compliance consulting

We advise on the design and implementation of GDPR processes, the creation of data protection statements, data protection and data security concepts, training concepts and other GDPR processes. We also provide support in the data protection-compliant realization of digital business models, the use of AI, the implementation of whistleblower systems in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) and the development of data governance strategies and data usage concepts.

Data protection audits and gap analyses

Through internal or external data protection audits, we assess the maturity of your data protection level, identify risks and create a prioritized action plan to close gaps. If necessary, we conduct supplier checks and audits of relevant processors.

Cybersecurity and information security

Information security

Our IT security experts support you in setting up holistic information security management in accordance with established standards such as ISO 27001. We analyze vulnerabilities, develop security concepts and ensure the continuous improvement of your level of protection.

External information security officer (ISO)

As an external information security officer, we advise the management and identify, analyze and evaluate risks to information security. We investigate and report information security-related incidents. We also manage and carry out training and awareness-raising measures in the area of information security.

Information security management system (ISMS)

We provide support in the design, implementation and further development of information security management systems (ISMS) in accordance with standards such as ISO/IEC 27001. If needed, we can integrate the ISMS into existing management systems, such as a DPMS. We also implement and further develop the processes required for effective information security management.

Conducting audits

Through audits in various areas such as data protection, information security, compliance, etc., we analyze the current status, identify potential for improvement and provide support in closing any gaps. Our audit reports provide recommendations for the next steps.

Consulting and strategy

Artificial intelligence

AI systems open up new opportunities, but also pose data protection challenges. We advise you on the integration of AI into your business processes and develop legally compliant usage concepts.

Business models with AI

We provide support in the development of AI integration strategies and advise on the design of new AI-based business models. To this end, we also prepare corresponding drafts for contracts and general terms and conditions that take into account the special features of AI applications.

Data protection compliant use of AI

We provide comprehensive advice and develop specific data protection concepts to ensure that AI systems are used in compliance with data protection regulations. In this way, we ensure that AI applications are designed and used in compliance with the law.

Use of general purpose AI such as ChatGPT and GPT-API

The use of GPT technologies such as ChatGPT or the GPT API requires special care with regard to data protection. We advise on the data protection-compliant use of these systems and create targeted data protection concepts to minimize risks.

Legal advice

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Data protection

We will support you in implementing all data protection requirements with the GDPR.

Information security

We support you in setting up a holistic ISMS such as ISO 27001.

Artificial intelligence

We advise you on the integration of AI and develop legally compliant usage concepts.

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